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We are the first non-profit association registered in Germany involved with people

affected by myotonia congenita Thomsen or Becker, potassium-aggravated myotonia (PAM),

Isaacs-syndrome and other neuromuscular disorders. 


We have installed an online presence in November 2014 shortly after the foundation of

our association.

We hope that a lot of people join the registry to support our activities.


Our activities aim at the following points:

We want to make the different disorders better known to the public.

We want to share knowledge about these rare diseases.

We want to inform about medical organisations and clinics as important contacts

concerning research, diagnosis and medication.


At our meetings you have the opportunity to get in contact with other people who are

affected by the same rare disease and exchange experience concerning life with



Have you ever shaken hands with a person affected by the same rare disease?

Mensch und Myotonie e.V.  -  web page: www.menschundmyotonie.de